ODK Collect

NEMO forms can be submitted via Android devices with ODK Collect. The ODK Collect App is available in the Google Play store.

Setup ODK Collect

  1. Open ODK Collect app from your Android device.

  2. From the action button (), select General Settings.

ODK menu
  1. Select Server.

  2. Make sure Type is set to ODK Aggregate.

  3. Type the URL of the mission, example https://example.getnemo.org/en/m/missionname.

  4. Type your NEMO Username and Password.

Download forms

Forms must be downloaded to ODK Collect before they can be submitted. To download a form:

  1. On the ODK Collect home screen, press Get Blank Form.


A box may pop up asking for confirmation of username and password. If already setup in General Settings, press OK.

  1. Check the box next to the forms you want to download.

  2. Press Get Selected.


When forms are updated in NEMO they need to be downloaded again to ODK Collect.

Submit forms

  1. On the ODK Collect home screen, press Fill Blank Form.

  2. Select a form from the list.

  3. Fill the form.

  4. On the last screen press Save Form and Exit.

  5. On the ODK Collect home screen, press Send Finalized Form.

  6. Check the box next to the forms you want to submit.

  7. Press Send Selected.


  • When obtaining GPS locations, stand outdoors. If indoors, stand by the nearest window.

  • On the last screen, if you want to be able to edit the form again before submission, you need to uncheck the box Mark form as finalized before pressing Save Form and Exit.

Edit forms before submission

  1. On ODK Collect home screen, press Edit Saved Form.

  2. Select the form to be edited.

  3. Select a question from the list to change its answer, or press Go To Start to review each question from the beginning.

  4. When finished editing, check the box Mark form as finalized before pressing Save Form and Exit.

Override code

If you need to finalize and send forms having required questions not answered, you have to use an override code. This code is found on the settings page of each mission.

To generate an Override code:

  1. Click Settings menu.

  2. If the Override Code is None, click Generate to generate a new code.

Override code


In order to use the override code, forms must be set to allow for incomplete responses. When creating or editing a form, check the box Allow Incomplete?. If not initially set, forms have to be downloaded again to ODK Collect in order to take effect.

When submitting a form that allows incomplete responses a question will show up at the end saying Is this form missing any required answers?

  • I don’t think so will direct you to the next screen to save and exit the form.

  • Yes you will be asked to enter the override code.

Incomplete Android response

Import/Export settings

It is possible to share ODK Collect settings between multiple devices using QR code configuration. On your reference device:

  1. Press the action button ().

  2. Select Admin Settings.

  3. Select Import/Export settings.

QR code to import settings in ODK

Scan code from other device

From the device that need to be configured press Scan code from other device. This will show a QR code scanner that you can use to scan the code from the reference device. Once the code is successfully scanned, Collect will return to the landing screen with a message saying settings were successfully loaded.

Share QR Code

You can share your settings QR code as an image, for this:

  1. Tap on the top right of the screen.

  2. Select an application from the list.


The QR code contains all of the settings including your passwords. If you want to exclude these:

  1. Tap the bottom of the screen.

  2. Uncheck passwords.

Uncheck passwords

Select code from SD card

If you already have the QR code settings as an image:

  1. Tap Select code from SD card.

  2. Select your QR code image.


For more details about Import/Export settings see ODK Collect documentation.